Art Saves Lives!

Check this great article below from artist LIMBO, It hits hard and close to home for us, one of my family members was diagnosed with mental health issues late 2012. He had a whole 18 years of crossing the road easily, kicking a football and date, you know…the stuff teenagers do.

Now he cant do any of these simple pleasures, his forte isn’t art exactly but he’s a damn good pool player & fisherman. I think once you find what helps you quell them demons, just go for it.

Borderline personality disorder has affected me for many years now, but I was only diagnosed earlier last year in 2015.

Having BPD (and I use the word “having” rather than “suffering” or “living with”) is quite common, but for me it has shaped my life in both positive and negative ways. It is my art and creativity that’s affected most by my BPD, and yes, that’s in a good way.

See when I’m down, or I start to get the feeling of ‘dropping off the edge of the earth’, I simply pick up a pen, pencil, brush or even a spray can and get creative. This stunts my feelings; it stops them immediately and all the negativity and depression seem to drift off into my creation.

” Does this mean that my work is full of anger or doom and gloom?
Not in the slightest. ”

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Limbo & the team from ‘El Gringo’ the mexican street food restaurant in Bahrain.

Alice in Molesterland

Our personal favourite from the selection of work.